National EMS Safety Summit


When: March 26-29, 2019
Where: Embassy Suites Downtown Denver

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - EMS Financial Symposium
*Sponsored by Mile-High and Plains to Peaks RETACs

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Featured Topics

  • Understanding Payers and the WHY it is important to You Ambulance Service Reimbursement
  • EMS Financial Management- How to Start and How to Thrive

Featured Speakers

  • Asbel Montes
  • Maggie Adams
  • Matt Zavadsky

Wednesday- Friday, March 27-29, 2019- General Sessions for the Safety Summit

Featured Wednesday’s Topics

  • The Las Vegas Shooting
  • Preparedness for and Response to Urban Mass Casualty Incidents, Based on the Israeli Experience
  • Implementing NFPA 3000:  How to Prepare Your Community and Agency to Better Respond to Active Shooter and Hostile Events
  • Novel Wounding Patterns at Hostile Mass Violence Events and EMS Best Practice Response
  • Anticipating the Unthinkable—Sandy Hook Shooting- from a Mother’s Perspective

Featured Wednesdays Speakers     

  • Dr. Isaac Ashkenazi
  • Chief Troy Tuke
  • A.J. Heightman
  • Ofer Lichtman
  • Dr. Mike Clumpner
  • Carly Posey

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