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2017 EMSAC Elections Are Now Open

Posted: May 5, 2017 

The EMSAC 2017 ballot is now open. The deadline to submit your ballot is Monday, May 15, 2017. The candidates for the election are listed below. You must be a current EMSAC member to vote.


Secretary: Sharon Lowry

Treasurer: Chris Montera


Region 1 - Tony Wells

Region 3 - Sean Ellis

Region 5 - Jamie Woodworth

Region 7 - Tom Anderson

Region 9 - Dan Miller

Region 11 - Ken Rogers

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Calling All Exhibitors And Sponsors!

Posted: April 27, 2017 
Don't miss out on participating in the 37th Annual Colorado State EMS Conference being held in Keystone, Colorado November 2-5, 2017! This is the premier event where EMS professionals, agency managers and administrators, EMS instructors, medical directors and allied professional learn about trends and techniques that enhance their patient care and agency operations. It is a four-day event, set in the heart of the beautiful Colorado Rockies, which provides networking and idea sharing for everyone in the EMS profession. 

This is a MUST event for any company that is involved in EMS equipment and supplies. The trade show is an integral part of the learning experience for attendees to see the latest trends, equipment and supplies in the industry.

Highlights of our attendees are: 
* Purchasing managers from agencies that run 100,000 calls a year. 
* Professionals who purchase supplies for themselves. 
* Agencies that operate up to 175 ambulances. 
* Agencies that require equipment and supplies to meet the needs of more than 526,000 calls a year. 
* Agencies that transport more than 381,000 patients. 
* Attendees from over 400 different ambulance services, search and rescue teams, hospitals and EMS training centers. 
* Agencies that require up-to-date computer and software systems.

Throughout the four-day event, the conference features more than 65 education sessions taught by nationally recognized EMS educators and local EMS experts. Approximately 900 EMS personnel from the Rocky Mountain region and western United States attended the 2016 Conference and more are expected to attend this year's event. 

View the exhibitor prospectus. An online registration form will be coming soon!

Thank you to those Exhibitors and Sponsors who have already signed up. Please review the NEW policies and guidelines put in place to ensure conference attendee safety.

Jim Leist 
Exhibit Coordinator
DJ Head 
Conference Coordinator 
Scott Scholes 
EMSAC President

EMSAC Urges Vote In Favor Of HB1229, Permitting PTSD Claims Under Workers Comp. 

Posted: April 14, 2017 

Please contact your Colorado state senator before Tuesday, April 18, and tell him, or her, to vote for House Bill 1229 unamended.

EMSAC testified in favor of the bill, unamended, as did Colorado's police/sheriffs, state troopers, firefighters and search and rescue communities.

HB17-1229 would allow emergency personnel to file a workers compensation insurance claim for PTSD for "...AN EVENT THAT IS WITHIN A WORKER'S USUAL EXPERIENCE... or if "THE WORKER REPEATEDLY VISUALLY WITNESSES..." Both of these circumstances are currently not covered.

An amendment favored by some hospitals that wish to exclude ED staff, does so by sharply limiting who could file a claim by including only peace officers, firefighters, EMS (EMT or above), and an undefined "police dispatcher." The amendment did not include SAR personnel, EMS/fire/sheriff's dispatchers, flight nurses or air medical pilots - or any others.

Pinnacol Assurance, the state's largest workers compensation insurer, supports the bill and does not anticipate an increase in premiums for emergency organizations. Pinnacol does not want coverage specified by occupation, but by exposure to stress, and opposed the amendment. 

The bill will be debated in the Senate Tuesday morning, April 18, Please contact your senator by before then.

Find your state legislator


Call Your State Representative To Support "Long Bill"

Posted: April 5, 2017 

Please call your State Representative and ask them to support the Mitsch-Bush  / Liston amendment to the State Budget, more commonly known as the "Long Bill." The amendment supports EMS by increasing state Medicaid funding for EMS.

Find your state legislator here by clicking your location on the map.

We just heard that the House will consider and vote on the amendment tomorrow so make your call soon.

Why vote for the amendment?

  • EMS is underfunded and the budget amendment will improve long term financial sustainability of EMS agencies.  
  • Currently, Medicaid pays pennies on the dollar for this vital community service.
  • While the Medicaid increase in the budget does not solve the Medicaid funding dilemma it is a step in the right direction.